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Installing cowloop

The following description is a summary of a more extensive explanation as you can find in file HOWTO.install, which is part of the distribution.

First go to the directory where the source-tree of cowloop has been unpacked. Now check whether the default major number for the cowloop driver is already in use on your system:

    ls -l /dev | grep '241,'
If it is in use by another driver already, change the major number of the cowloop driver in the file Makefile (COWMAJOR=241), in the source-file cowloop.c (#define COWMAJOR 241) and in the build-script makecows. All these three files are in the src/ subdirectory. Note: from version 3.3 on the driver will obtain its major number dynamically.

To build and install cowloop, start the command:

    make install
This compiles the cowloop driver and copies it to the /lib/modules/version/misc directory, where version is the actual kernel-version running on the system. The related commands are compiled and copied to the /usr/sbin directory.
Furthermore the device-files /dev/cow/0, /dev/cow/1, /dev/cow/2, /dev/cow/3, etc. are created. Note: from version 3.3 on the driver will dynamically create these /dev/cow/N names when the corresponding cowdevice is activated (see the cowdev -a utility). This has made the makecows installation script superfluous.



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