Dive into the past with ATOP!

The ATOP tool exists for almost 20 years. Gerlof Langeveld, teacher and consultant at AT Computing, has been developing the tool since 2001. First for his own use, but soon this changed. ATOP is now used worldwide and by reputable companies.

What is ATOP?

There are many programs available that you can use to monitor the load on your Linux system. Unfortunately, most programs don’t have the option to show the system load from the (recent) past. This while you often only notice afterwards that something was wrong. Then you want to analyze what went wrong. But that’s not possible with these programs. With ATOP it is. ATOP is an interactive program with which you can determine why the performance of your system is (emotionally) substandard.

In 2018, Gerlof Langeveld wrote a (Dutch) workshop for Linux Magazine with the title “The achievements of the past. Pick up your performance data with atop“. (Notice: this is a Dutch article).

Do you want to get started with ATOP right away? Go to atoptool.nl and download the tool.

Performance and response improvement of your Linux system

Do you get complaints from users and management about your Linux system? As a system administrator you want to find out exactly what the causes are. Is it the CPU’s, the disks, the memory or maybe the network connections? When you have detected the problem, you want to come up with a solution as quickly as possible. But what is the right solution? It is important to have a clear understanding of how the kernel manages a certain system component and distributes its capacity.

Based on this information; the load on the hardware resources (CPU, memory,disk and network) and the internal functioning of the kernel, you can combat the overload by reconfiguring, spreading, limiting or purchasing additional hardware.

Questions about the performance of your Linux Machine?

Are you a Linux system administrator and do you have many questions about the performance of your Linux machine? The training Linux Performance Analysis and Tuning provides insight into the methods and techniques to measure the performance of a Linux machine, interpret the results and implement improvements.

Do you want to know more about Linux?

Take a look at our Linux courses or detachering.

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