How to train Site Reliability Engineers (SRE)?

Training Site Reliability Engineers

What your Organization Needs to Create a Learning Program
Do you want to know more about SRE? In this report, written by Jennifer Petoff, JC van Winkel & Preston Yoshioka with Jessie Yang, Jesus Climent Collado & Myk Taylor, you can read everything about how to train Site Reliability Engineers, or SREs.

What is SRE?

Ben Treynor Sloss, the founder of Site Reliability Engineering at Google, describes SRE, or the Site Reliability Engineering discipline, as what happens when “you ask a software engineer to design an operations function.” SRE includes everything that is needed to ensure that an application or application landscape continues to function properly. This involves looking at what processes there must be and what technologies you need for this.

About the report

We are very excited about this report. One of the reasons is that one of the authors, JC van Winkel, has worked at AT Computing! A little teaser: he is one of the lectures at our Innovatiedag 2020. Stay tuned.

To learn more, visit the website of Google about SRE.

Download the report. 

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