Ansible II (English course)

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Ansible is a configuration management, provisioning and deployment tool, enabling administrators to standardize and simplify systems management. Ansible improves and ensures system stability; its implementation leads to greater cost-effectiveness by reducing workload.

This Ansible II course is an extension to the Ansible introduction course and goes deeper into Ansible.


  • This course boosts your Ansible knowledge and helps you to bring your automation skills to the next level.


This course is intended for DevOps Engineers who have knowlegde of Ansible, but want to go deeper into Ansible


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

Good knowledge of Ansible is required, comparable to the Ansible Introduction training, and some experience is beneficial. Basic Unix/Linux knowledge and experience with CLI tools is assumed.


  • This course is brought to you by AT Computing, the knowledge center in open source technologies.
  • AT Computing is part of the Vijfhart Groep.
  • This course is developed in close collaboration with Jan-Piet Mens (
  • This course is delivered in English. All course material are also in English.
  • This course is the ideal successor to our Ansible courses.


  • Dynamic inventory
  • Facts and caching
  • Some possibly unusual modules (and which are your favorite?)
  • Templating
  • Jinja2 filters
  • Lookup plugins
  • Custom Ansible modules
  • Collections
  • A brief look at callback plugins

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          Cursus: Ansible II (English course)



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            Ansible II (English course)
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