Docker Fundamentals for developers and administrators (English course)


Docker and Kubernetes are quickly becoming the de-facto standard to operate containerized applications at scale in the data-center. This course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Docker and Kubernetes and get quickly up-to-speed, to start building distributed applications that will scale, be fault-tolerant and simple to manage. From understanding its origin, to its high-level architecture, powerful API and key primitives.

The three day Docker for Linux course introduces the container lifecycle, the use of registries, the Docker hub, building Dockerfiles, building images, the use of storage and networking and an introduction to Kubernetes.

  • For Kubernetes, anyone has access to the Linux Foundation Kubernetes Introduction LF158 course, see
  • Alternatively for a small additional fee participants can buy the Linux Foundation Kubernetes Fundamentals course LF258, see


  • The three day course will get you quickly up to speed with theory and hands-on exercises with Docker, and the separate online Kubernetes course will teach you how to control a container management platform used by companies like Google.


Developers and system administrators who want to learn how to use Docker and deploy and administrate Kubernetes.


Deze cursus wordt verzorgd door AT Computing, het kennisinstituut in open-source technologieën. AT Computing is onderdeel van de Vijfhart Groep.


  • Docker introduction
    • Short introduction of all relevant Docker components
  • Container lifecycle
    • About containers: naming, startup and termination, current state, copy to/from, removal.
  • Registries
    • About registries: image revisions, terminology and hierarchy,
    • Docker hub push/pull.
  • Image layering
    • Image layering, Image metadata, creation, layering, view, differences, removal, packing.
  • Dockerfile
    • How to build Dockerfiles: instructions that can be used in Dockerfiles.
  • Image building
    • Best practices when building images. Many build examples.
  • Storage
    • Use of volumes, directory/file sharing.
  • Networking
    • Docker bridge, network types, use of host/container/user-defined networks, port publishing, intercontainer traffic.
  • Monitoring and debugging
    • Miscellaneous debugging and monitoring possibilities.
  • Docker swarm
    • Setup of swarm, services, replica’s, managing nodes, rolling updates, routing meshCompose stacks
  • Managing stacks, compose files, yaml syntax.
  • Introduction Kubernetes

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Cursus: Docker Fundamentals for developers and administrators (English course)

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Cursus: Docker Fundamentals for developers and administrators (English course)



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Docker Fundamentals for developers and administrators (English course)
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