Learn to program in Python (English course)

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The course Learn to program in Python covers the essential aspects of programming in general and of the Python programming language specifically.
Relevant terminology for programming in general will be covered, with an emphasis on algorithms: which steps lead from problem definition to solution. Apart from that, the course covers various programming constructions, as needed for flow control, data types with their typical applications, binary/octal/hexadecimal representation of numbers, and many other programming-related concepts.

Apart from the conceptual part of programming, the syntax of Python is covered, illustrating the extensive possibilities of the Python language. The last day of the course covers the object oriented way of programming.

All topics will be trained extensively with practical lab exercises, under the guidance of the instructor. Besides, additional exercises are provided to be made at home in the evening or during the weekend, to obtain even more profit from this training.

Each participant receives a Raspberry Pi computer with pre-installed operating system and fully functional Python environment (minor details can deviate from the illustration). During the course this serves as the test-bed for lab exercises, and after the course it’s all yours.

Course attendees receive the following documentation:

  • Course attendees receive a student pack with copies of the presentations, lab exercises and answers to the exercises.
  • Students receive a Raspberry Pi computer with operating system and Python language environment. During the course this will be the working environment, and after the course it becomes the property of the student.
  • Shortly after the course the student will receive a certificate as a proof of participation


  • Groundbreaking in all aspects
  • Python as a programming language can be deployed on many fronts. Early 90’s, the Dutchman Guido van Rossum designed Python on the foundations of the ABC language that had been developed in the 80’s at the CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Python is no longer just a Dutch affair: it now is a language used worldwide for major software projects.
  • Python is used in many places in scripts to automate system management tasks, and as a convenient language for building portable graphical user interfaces and web applications. The installation programs of many Linux distributions, including RedHat, are built with Python.
  • Python distinguishes itself from other (scripting) languages because it has been designed as an object oriented language from the ground up. In addition, the language provides a large standard library useable as a foundation to build your own implementations. This makes Python very suitable for the rapid development of new applications.


This course is meant for beginning programmers, seeking to learn the syntax and characteristics of the Python programming language and programming skills in general.


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

No previous experience in programming is required. The course will present the fine points of programming in general, and the syntax of the Python language as such.


  • Introduction to algorithms
  • Introduction to Python
  • Basic data types
  • Program structures
  • More about sequences and strings
  • More about lists
  • Bits and bytes
  • Files
  • Encoding
  • More about dictionaries, tuples and sets
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Exceptions
  • Global overview of the Python Standard Library
  • Introduction to object orientation
  • Object orientation and classes in Python
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Cursus: Learn to program in Python (English course)

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Cursus: Learn to program in Python (English course)



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Learn to program in Python (English course)
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