Python for data analysis – introduction to PANDAS (English course)

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For data analysis in Python PANDAS is the package of choice.

In the realm of data analysis the language R, developed by statisticians, is a long-time contender. R still is really popular, but has serious competition from Python.
One of the neatest notions that R came up with is the DataFrame, which is a representation of a database table or spreadsheet including schema information. Before DataFrames existed, data sets mostly had to be disassembled and stored in separate arrays. The idea is simple: just store the data set together with its schema.

Python lacked this DataFrame functionality until the PANDAS package was created. PANDAS heavily influenced by the base R data frame, was developed and released by Wes McKinney around 2010. It has extremely powerful methods to input/output and manipulate data.


  • Getting started with Data Analysis.


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

De programmeertaal Python – voor ervaren programmeurs of vergelijkbare kennis.
Basic Python knowledge


  • Pandas background
  • Series objects
  • DataFrame objects
  • Reading / writing DataFrames
  • Getting information about a DataFrame
  • Indexing / Slicing
  • Applying Functions to Cells, Columns and Rows
  • Time-related data

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Cursus: Python for data analysis - introduction to PANDAS (English course)

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Cursus: Python for data analysis - introduction to PANDAS (English course)



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Python for data analysis - introduction to PANDAS (English course)
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