The C++ programming language (English course)


Our C++ programming course covers both the C++ syntax and the corresponding object oriented programming style. You will learn to use the object oriented facilities offered by the language (data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism/dynamic binding) as well as the I/O library, templates,exception handling and use of the standard library STL. Our well-seasoned teacher will guide you in practicing these topics extensively.

Course attendees receive the following documentation:

  • Course attendees receive a student kit containing copies of the presentation, lab exercises, and answers to the exercises. In addition they will receive the “The C++ Programming language” book (fourth edition) by B. Stroustrup, designer of the C++ language.
  • Shortly after the course the student will receive a certificate as a proof of participation.


  • After this course you'll be able write C++ programs on your own or participating with others in larger projects.


Programmers intending to use C++ as an object oriented programming language


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

The C programming language (English course) of vergelijkbare kennis.
Mastering C with sufficient practical experience to be able to use advanced components such as pointers, structures, etc. This knowledge can be obtained via our course "The programming language C" The topics covered during the first two days of that four-day course would suffice, but obtaining practical experience is indispensable before starting on C++.


Not covered are:Object oriented analysis and design (OOA and OOD).


The first two days of the course cover the concepts of data abstraction based on the C++ classes. Furthermore, inheritance and binding are highlighted extensively. Day three is devoted to operator overloading and to the facilities of the object oriented I/O library. The last day covers templates and exception handling. STL, the most important part of the C++ library, is covered as well. The course will not be able to cover the C++ library in full. The course notes are mandatory follow up material.

  • The class, and related to this: inline functions in stead of macros, function overloading, constructors and destructors, initialisation, friend functions, allocation methods, deep versus shallow copy and name spaces.
  • Inheritance: when to use inheritance, base and derived classes, private, protected and public member variables, protecting interfaces, pointers to base and derived classes.
  • Dynamic binding: Run Time Type Information (RTTI), virtual functions.
  • Advance possibilities with C++: operator overloading, references, type conversion, memory management with new and delete, templates, exception handling and namespaces.
  • The Standard Template Library (STL).
  • Further components of the Standard Library, including the I/O library.
  • Important aspects of the new C++11 and C++14 standards.

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Cursus: The C++ programming language (English course)

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Cursus: The C++ programming language (English course)



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The C++ programming language (English course)
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