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The Fortran programming language

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The course The Fortran programming language covers one of the most important programming languages for numeric and scientific computing.
You’ll learn the syntax of the language and how to make use of constructs that the language offers to execute common tasks.
These topics are, under the guidance of the instructor, trained with practical lab exercises.

This course is a joint development from AT Computing and VORtech.

Course attendees receive the following documentation:
* A student kit containing copies of the presentation, lab exercises, and answers to the exercises.
* Shortly after the course the student will receive a certificate as a proof of participation.


  • After this course you you’ll be able to:
  • Write modern Fortran programs on your own.
  • Read and extend existing (legacy) code bases.


Programmers planning to write in this language, independent of the intended platform (Linux/UNIX, Windows,…).


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

  • The following prior knowledge is required:

  • This course assumes basic programming skills to be present already.

  • The emphasis is on the language details.


  • This course is provided bij AT Computing; the knowledge institute in open source technologies. AT Computing is part of the Vijfhart Group.


  • Language basics: Variables, declarations, operators, data types, arrays, operators, control constructs, flow control.
  • Subprogram units: Functions, subroutines, modules, libraries.
  • Compilation and syntax-checking: The compilation process, the preprocessor, include-files.
  • Dynamic allocation: Allocatables, pointers.
  • Derived types.
  • I/O: read, write and formatted I/O.
  • Arrays: Intrinsic functions, masks, slices, assumed size, assumed shape.
  • Object orientation: Inheritance, type bound procedures, procedure overloading.
  • Interfaces: abstract interfaces, generic interfaces, iso_c_binding.
  • Performance essentials: Concurrency, memory layout and optimization.

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Cursus: The Fortran programming language

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Cursus: The Fortran programming language



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The Fortran programming language
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