The GO programming language (English course)

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The GO programming language

The Go programming language is based on the experiences gained in recent decades with languages such as C and C ++ and with interpreted languages such as Java and Python. All of these languages are powerful and flexible but lack the enforcement of one style of development necessary for teams to work together.

Go is a small language: only what appeared to be of value in other languages has been preserved and many of the problems (conversion, memory management) have been elegantly solved.

Go is particularly suitable for multi-threaded programs such as network services. Go routines and channels make this very easy.

In addition to the syntax of the language, it also contains numerous packages, such as strings, strconv, io, json and time

This Programming Language Go course deals with the syntax of the programming language and the associated programming style. These were developed by the founders of UNIX and C, and the development is sponsored by Google. You learn to use the facilities in the language (data types, methods, interfaces, embedding and Go routines) and packages (strconv, i / o, json, fmt, net / http). You will also learn about Go’s eco-system: importing source, source formatting and unit testing. We practice these subjects extensively, under the guidance of the teacher.


  • After the course you can independently write a Go program, or write Go software together with others.


Programmers who want to use Go as a programming language independently or in a team


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

Some programming experience in a (different) higher structured programming language, such as Java, PHP, C, Perl or Python, is required.


  • This course is provided by AT Computing, the knowledge institute in open-source technologies. AT Computing is part of the Vijfhart Groep.
  • This course is taught in English, unless all students are Dutch-speaking


  • Data-types, flow control, methods en interfaces
  • Compile and debugging
  • Various packages: fmt, io, bufio, json
  • Making packages yourself, OS dependencies
  • Go-routines and channels
  • Error handling with defer, panic and recover

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Cursus: The GO programming language (English course)

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          Cursus: The GO programming language (English course)



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            The GO programming language (English course)
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