What’s new in C++17


This course focusses completely on C++17. Although some parts of the presentations will include examples from earlier standards, they are assumed to be known by the audience and are only included to show how C++17 changes the language.


  • Getting familiar with the new functionality offered by the C++17 standard.


Experienced C++ programmers who wish to keep up with developments in C++.


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

Programmeren in C++ (English course) of vergelijkbare kennis.
What's new in C++11 and C++14 of vergelijkbare kennis.
What's new in C++14 or similar. Preferably combined with Advanced C++ (English course). The courses must have been followed recently enough for the C++11 and C++14 subjects to have been included.

Onderstaande voorkennis wordt beschouwd als een pre:

Advanced C++ (English course) of vergelijkbare kennis.


  • Deze cursus wordt verzorgd door AT Computing, het kennisinstituut in open-source technologieën. AT Computing is onderdeel van de Vijfhart Groep.


Lab exercises are provided to obtain hands-on experience during the course.

  • Minor subjects
    • new attributes.
    • nested namespaces.
    • structured binding declaration.
    • changes in smart pointers.
    • changes in lambda functions, copy this, mutable, constexpr.
  • file system library.
  • type deduction in constructors, deduction guides.
  • fold expressions, techniques to handle variable numer of argument situations.
  • special types, optional, variant, any.
  • static if, init statements.
  • string views.

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Cursus: What's new in C++17

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Cursus: What's new in C++17



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What's new in C++17
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